Action Packaging, Safeway Packaging, and Wabash Container are now Opus Packaging.

Who is Opus Packaging?

Opus Packaging Group is the holding company of its 5 entities that you used to know as Action Packaging, Safeway Packaging and Wabash Container. As we continue to grow, it is important we face our customers and suppliers as one company, one brand. The rebranding efforts will affect all of our facilities including Grand Rapids, MI (Opus Packaging – Grand Rapids); Jackson, MI (Opus Packaging – Jackson); New Bremen, OH (Opus Packaging – New Bremen); Mt Carmel, IL (Opus Packaging – Wabash); and our new Indianapolis, IN location (Opus Packaging – Indianapolis).

What does Opus mean?

We chose the name Opus because it is defined as a creative work or work in progress. We see our company as just that: A continuous work in progress which aligns with one of our core values of always being open to change.